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Title: Game thread
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I've been thinking about a game thread, but I'm not very sure where it should be classified...Tongue

I have some ideas related to games and etc., lol.
I made a new forum for that: http://www.emotionforums.com/Forum-Gaming

Does that help? If it's not related to emotion talk then having a separate forum for gaming is better than having it go in the Miscellaneous forum.
Yeah, it could be, for those ones who are into video games and all.
I've seen how they play games on some other forums, like: word association games, for example Tongue
Hmm, I guess it could go in the Joy forum since it sounds like a fun thing to do. Smile
Yeah, absolutely. I think those games could go there
You can start a thread there if you'd like. Wink
I have a question Huh

Sometimes, when I see that list called 'Who's online', there's something called 'Google'...What the heck is that??? Confused
That's the Google spider bot. It reads this entire website in text-mode and adds the new threads and posts to the search results.
It's nice to know what it is. I found it creepy Huh
Haha, why?

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