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16 Habits You Should Do Every Day

Motivation and drive
  • Here's a good article that can help you become more motivated: [url=][/url]

  • I just finished reading this article. I have been working for weeks to motivate myself to have a better life. So far, it is going well, but it is a slow process. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  • No problem, I'm glad you found it useful. 🙂

    It's actually better to have a slow process because overtime the beneficial things you are doing become a part of you that you just have to do, like sleep for example. You usually don't need to read about the benefits of sleep to actually sleep, it's a must. Likewise, as you slowly build up your beneficial habits it gets to a point where you must do them.

    If you choose to change yourself in a short period of time, like say in just one day, then your willpower will only take you so far before you end up drained. Remember the saying slow and steady wins the race? Think of it instead as slow and steady finishes the race.

  • Well, it's certainly a different approach from the one I've been taking. I was trying to motivate myself through discipline, but my willpower isn't very strong. My mind likes to wander a lot. 😊

    The idea of building motivation up like exercising your body to become fit was an intriguing idea. I hadn't thought of it like that before, and I want to try motivating myself like this article explains. It's worth a try at least, and I'm hoping that it will work. 🙂

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    Thank you, that was very helpful.

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    [quote='Azra' pid='34' dateline='1355340077']
    Do you work out? If so, what motivates you keep going?

    I starting working out a few years ago because I was tired all the time, my pant size was getting bigger, and I felt really self conscious. That motivated me to get in better shape and maintain it.

    There came a specific time in my life, when I really needed a new way around. It all started at Christmas this year. There has been lots of changes in my life, new way of thinking and what I wanted was to get more out of life. First principle was to simply start doing more. Charity, new major, meeting new people. And also new me. I started to work out every day, for about an hour. And it was amazing. I felt better and, what was especially significant for me, was that I had more control of my own body. And as it was, it made me even more enthustiastic person than I was. For now I stopped my training, but I still maintain good eating habits. I always eat regularly and even though I don't work out, I don't gain weight. So it was an important aspect of my new life. And I'm planning to take up a sport again 🙂