• I was just browsing a philosophy forum and I really couldn't connect. I realize my purpose is more practical. I don't care about the technicalities so much as achieving practical results. To me motivations and emotions are tangible enough that I put them in the practical category.

    I am an idealist. When it comes to all matters of my experience, I like to be able to identify where I am and where I would like to go from here. Emotions are often seen as vague and transient, while logic is seen to be more objective. However, I believe emotions are very logical and are based on solid experience. Whatever we feel it is often not hard to find real experiences that back it up. In choosing a direction, we often get a feeling related to what we expect to happen, and we have lots of evidence to support it. I see motivation and emotions as inseparable. Emotions tell us what we honestly expect as a result when we consider going in any direction. They will either stop us or propel us. If we push against them we will eventually run out of energy, so clearing up conflict is essential to getting anywhere.

  • Very well put and interesting. Welcome to the forums, Aaron!

    Backing up your theory on motivation and emotion being inseparable, those who have found their calling in life do not need external motivation as they care so much about it that motivation is always there. They are full of energy and roadblocks do not set them back easily.

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