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    Beautiful, indeed more possibilities than Terraria :).

  • Is the emotion you're having trouble with not listed here? Then post it here.

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    I have had this some sort of detachment feeling towards people that I've met ever since I graduated from secondary school. For example, I may look like I am friends with them but in reality I do not count them as my friend, they are basically, just there. The number of people that I feel close, comfortable  secure and loved is less than 10 but I do not have this emotion towards my own mother.
    Most people I've met throughout the years all share the same qualities, they look at things on the surface. I know I am not that good looking but I also know I am fun and most of the time I feel like I'm being ignored. Whether I'm buying something or trying to strike up a conversation in a new environment. Although people think their body language may be subtle to others but it affects me a lot. That same group of people that ultimately want to be friends with me, only after seeing me with people I am comfortable with but by then I would have close myself off them. These went on for years and finally I've generalized Human beings to be a hypocritical monsters that look at things on the surface and thus, makes it really hard for me to trust others, let alone be friends with them. I was fat back then (still fat now) but I've lost a lot of weight and do look different from back then but I still could not shake this emotion away. 
    I've tried suicide before but non was successful. And ultimately I gave up on that too. 
    I'm really curious as to how I am able to rectify this and to open myself to others again. I've been bottling up my feeling for years and this is also the first time I am writing my thoughts down. I guess I'm getting tired of crying myself to sleep every night.

  • What did you eat last?

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    [quote='Robd ust' pid='393' dateline='1402635819']
    [url=https://www.grosseteste.com/bathmate-x50-review-results]I got this[/url] Bathmate X50 breakfast as a my least meal.
    I eat green apple, yogurt, cheese and eggs omelet in my breakfast.

    Craves ceareal.

  • One word to describe your feelings or mood

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  • What's on your mind right now???

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    I love chocolate milk too (but I try not to drink a lot to avoid the calories). I can also eat yogurth and some products made out of milk. But I can't drink pure milk. I have a trauma with it lol.

  • What are you listening to?

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    The fans on my (rather loud) pc while a lone dog barks in the distance.....

    Spooooky !!

  • The weather

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    Hehe, yeah it makes me uncomfortable as well. I guess some people find it relaxing. :S

  • Anybody can help me?

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    Hi, I am the administrator of this site. You posted in the wrong section by the way. What's up?

  • I like to spam websites

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    I have no idea!!! Anyway, I dislike spammers. They ruin forums and websites!!! 😕

  • What's your favorite type of music???

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    Yeah, sure...well, I won't post them all, 'cuz they're too many songs, lol. Maybe a few 😛