• Ever felt a particular emotion, but couldn't recognize exactly what it was? Ask or answer questions regarding that mysterious emotion.

  • Do you find yourself not being able to become excited? Are you constantly bored? Anhedonia can cause you to lose fun and excitement.

  • Do you get angry over little things? Or are you not able to control your anger? Anything anger related goes here.

  • Are you too easily frightened? Do you get anxious over little things? Anything anxiety and fear related goes here.

  • Do you have trouble experiencing happiness? Anything happiness related goes here.

  • Do you have trouble getting motivated? Anything motivation and drive related goes here.

  • Do you have trouble worrying all the time? Share your worries with the community.

  • Find yourself getting sad or down over the littlest things? Or having trouble experiencing or expressing sadness? Anything sadness related goes here.

  • Easily frustrated or are you stressed out too much? Anything stress and frustration related goes here.