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Anxious about COVID-19's effects on the World

Anxiety and fear
  • Anyone else worried about what the ramifications of COVID-19 are on the world? I'm talking about the economic system as well as our governments. Who knows what's going to happen?

    So many people have lost their jobs and I doubt they're going to get it back once the pandemic is over.

    In fact, I think that many of these lost jobs are going to become automated. After all, it costs less for the corporations in the long-term.

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    Yeah, I've started caring less and less about the past and I focus more on the present now. I find that pretending I only have a few years left to live a bit motivating and stress relieving. Makes it so I can focus on making my life better for both the short-term as well as long-term.

  • Health Anxiety

    Anxiety and fear
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    For how long have you been having this thoughts?

  • Social Anxiety

    Anxiety and fear
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    Yes, it really does take a long time to adjust to interacting with more people. For me, I find that the best ways to keep myself from getting too nervous are to take a deep breath when I start stuttering or get my words twisted, straightening my posture before I start speaking again so that I'm not slouching, and making eye contact. When all else fails... well, I just smile and nod, lol. 🙂