What's the intention for this forum?

  • I don't see much activity here. Is anyone actually wanting this site to become more active?

    All inner conflict expresses itself through the medium of emotions. It is the shallowness of our perception of life that creates the sense of perpetual struggle. Frustration transmutes into joy when it is seen that there is no arrangement of circumstances that has the capacity to offer a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Joy arises naturally when we no longer waste energy investing in what cannot possibly achieve anything.

  • I want this site to become more active, but it's not getting much traffic from Google. I was hoping that people coming in from Google would make accounts and start posting but that has not been the case.

    Really, it's because I'm not marketing the site. I don't know how to market or promote sites, I just know how to build them.

  • I like the idea of this site being more active too. The topic seems to be a very relevant one. When I was young I experienced life as being an endless sequence of meaningless tasks. I didn't enjoy much of it but I was able to complete my tasks. It wasn't until about 30 years old that I discovered that it is possible for life to be deeply meaningful the whole time. The difference is like night and day. An intense feeling of meaninglessness can become an intense sense of aliveness. The question is less about what shows up and more about what I am really looking for.

  • Huh, well I'm actually in the same boat as you now. A lot of tasks seem meaningless and repetitive. Would you mind making a thread about this? I want to know how you were able to discover meaning in life.