Hi there, I'm Emotion, the creator of this site

I started this website because I noticed I had trouble controlling my emotions in every day situations. For example, when I play the game Team Fortress 2 I get very frustrated when I die. I eventually got control over it by telling myself to calm down and to think about relaxing things, like cats and dogs.

But, it took me around 2 months before I thought of that and I realized that maybe other people would have thought of it for me had I posted my problem on a support forum. I searched Google, but I could not find an emotion forum so I decided to make one myself.

So welcome to this forum and don't forget to signup and tell your friends about it.

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too! What brings you to this forum? 🙂

I thought the niche was very interesting, and I love to give help/advice when I can.

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