Spread a rumour about the person above

Ok, the name of this game is self-explanatory, lol. 😄

Crystal is flirting with her supervisor to gain more marks on her essay. 😛

Emotion is actually George Soros and he wants to rule the world 😛

Crystal is actually an alien disguised as a human and was sent to gather information on our species. Her objective is to gather enough information that can allow the aliens to easily take over the planet.

Emotion is an international mercenary and his main goal is to kill puppies 😛

Crystal hires international mercenary and makes them kill baby animals so she could eat them for breakfast.

Emotion is an 80 yo lady who has a lot of money and spends her time trolling websites 😄

Crystal stalks delivery trucks and steals the packages when they are dropped off onto someone's front door.

Emotion is a hippy who has a very, very long hair and wears colorful clothes all the time. He spends the whole day playing the guitar in a field full of flowers lol

Haha 😄

Crystal is secretly a super genius, but she wants to fit in with society so she pretends like she's of average intelligence.

Haha...Emotion is Jesus Christ and God gave him a laptop to troll websites and forums 😄

Crystal is secretly batwoman and has a secret lair somewhere in a forest.

[quote='Emotion' pid='132' dateline='1364931839']
Crystal is secretly batwoman and has a secret lair somewhere in a forest.

Who told you that??? :s :huh:
Now we have a problem here!!! 😄

Emotion is a double-spy who works simultaneously for the KGB and the CIA. That's his biggest secret!!! 😄

You fool, that's going to get me killed when they find out! 😄

Crystal is a 1000 year old vampire and every 80 years or so she 'dies', but her body is never found. She also feeds on the souls of children to maintain her longevity.

Emotion is Michael Jackson.
He faked his own death because he was tired of the media and his fans, lol 😄

Those darn fans kept calling me a pedophile :@

Crystal is a realistic-looking android that's being controlled by someone in a van. 🙂

[quote='Emotion' pid='162' dateline='1365133527']
Those darn fans kept calling me a pedophile :@

Yeah...they can go to hell!!! 😄 haha....

Emotion is actually that Google Spider Bot. He's just gathering data for the government to monitor us closely...

And no! I'm not paranoid 😄

Haha 😄

Crystal is actually a dog that can type. She goes on the computer when her owner is out and sometimes orders products using her owner's credit card.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Now that you know it, I'm gonna bite you, haha

Last night, Emotion got extremely drunk. He couldn't open the door of his house and had to sleep in the backyard. 😄

For your information, I chose to sleep in the backyard. I just didn't want to go through the hassle of opening the door. 😛

Crystal is using someone else's identity and is collecting debt on their name's. She changes her identity every 2 years and steals a lot of money from the people whose identity's she took.

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