• One of the many things that fills me with happiness is... music! I love music of all kinds. Each song has a special meaning to it. When I listen to music, I can feel the rhythm and the lyrics and the emotion flowing through me. I can feel the words that the artist sings, and it's an incredible sensation to allow music to flow through you. Even the saddest of songs fill me with joy, even though they can sometimes make me cry. 🙂

    This is my favorite song, shared with me from my boyfriend (which is what makes it so special!). More than that though, this song has a good beat, and the lyrics inspire a lot of hope in their own way. The song reminds us that even though someone is gone, it's not the end. As long as we remember someone, they'll live on forever. ❤


    ]This Is Not The End by [i]The Bravery[/i][/url]

    Note: [b]This is the "Moon" version of the song. There is also a "Sun" version. Check that out too if you'd like![/b]

  • Beautiful song 🙂

    Couldn't agree more. There's something special about music. I normally use it when I'm working out, because without it, I can't do it. It's like it fills you up with energy. 🙂

    There are songs for every mode.