• Does anyone have any ideas to bring in more users? The problem right now is that there's not many people who are visiting this site. Less than 10 unique people are visiting the site every day.

    I've been thinking about buying advertisements, but it's expensive and I'm not sure if it's even a reliable method to bring in more users. :s

  • Well, I don't know if buying advertisements would actually work. It's better if you don't waste your money with them, because no one can tell if it's a good method.

    I've been thinking: is it possible to change the name of the forum??? I'd like to know this, because this could be the reason why the forum doesn't have a lot of members. Maybe this is not a very usual or common topic???

  • It would be difficult changing the name. I'm not sure, maybe you're right and the name is the reason why not many people visit.

  • I just signed up for this forum and found my activation email sent to the spam folder in gmail with the message:
    [b]We've found that lots of messages from server.davesnetwork.ca are spam.[/b]

    Perhaps a letter to google would convince them of your legitimacy? Otherwise maybe you could change your email service to one google is not filtering.

    The presence of a few active people is often reason enough for people to join. The first thing I do is scan the last post date of all the categories to see if they are recently updated. The reason I decided to stay longer is the name of the site is so perfect that I want it to become what it obviously intends to be.

    I'm considering writing some posts myself with the ulterior motive of making the site look a little more active. On the plus side I did find this place by a google search. My interests are emotions and motivation.

  • Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'll be sure to do something about the activation email being marked as spam. Changing the email service is a lot easier than convincing Google that it's not spam.

    Great idea! I'll join in and contribute to your posts.