Funny images

Post your funny images here lol

Damn, I forgot how to post images! lol

Nevermind, I already figured it out


Haha, that's based off of the dolan comics. They're pretty funny, but also messed up at times.


Hahaha....that one was good. That's Clarbell's ribbon on the floor (first scene)...hahahaha. 😄
And I didn't know Goofy owned a Ferrari lol

LMAO, that was a good comic.

There are other funny comics, these are called rage comics: [img][/img]

I didn't know they even had a name, lol.
The only one of that kind I've seen is this one, haha 🙂


Haha, that's a little different from these comics: [img][/img]

Jikes, been there !!

Haha! I've been there as well (especially the first image).


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