• Hey Joe, welcome to the forums! What brings you here? May I ask how you found us?

  • Hello Emotion.

    I believe finding the right emotional support forum comes from a gut feeling. I browsed the web under the title emotional support, some forums overflowed with expressions of pain, yet it seems the cries for help became lost in the many responces of advice that quietened the intial call of support and by the responces triggered from the call for help.

    Some forums resemble a ghost town. At a time I felt where postings once whispered, the wait and hope forces the acceptance to not being heard.

    I came across emotions forum, gut feelings may not always be presented in words, yet my gut feelings tells me this is a warm, approachable and easy to follow place. Yet more so a sense a that members here seem to have an understanding of where they are in life, the silent pain being endured, yet unspoken and unheard for years until maybe now. A sense of freedom to be heard if one now wishes to embrace the time of release.

    This feels to be a good place and feels like a place that will flourish over time.

    Thanks for the welcome.

  • Well put. Yes, our members are nice and approachable, I'm glad they found this site and I'm glad you did as well. I hope it does flourish over time, but it's been growing very slowly. I'm not sure what to do to bring in more members.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here.

  • Hello and welcome!

  • Hello Crystal. Thank's for your welcome. 🙂

    Emotion, forgive me if you already share and drive those in need of support to your site in this way but have you considered social networking sites? i.e. facebook, twitter etc. Creating an emotional support page that could also show links to this site for members to join. In turn allows members to express more than they are currently are limited with on social sites.

    In my experience these kind of sites range in the 100's and up, often 1000's.

    Social sites may tend to attract more of the general population due to the nature of human connections.

    Just a thought.....

    Take care

  • That's not a bad idea, but I already have a Facebook page for this site and it's not attracting many people. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emotion-Forums/419969071396701

    Perhaps I should do what you mentioned and create an emotional support page with this site's URL in the description. It might work, but I'm not sure how to promote it.

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm Lottie and I'm also new to this forum.

  • [quote='Lottie' pid='604' dateline='1417867802']
    Hello everyone,
    I'm Lottie and I'm also new to this forum.

    Hello Lottie

    Welcome to the site.

  • Hi Lottie, welcome to the forum. What brings you here?

  • Hi joe, hi emotion ,
     thanks for the welcome.
    I've recently fallen into a deep dark place....am trying to crawl out of it and was searching online for help...found this forum and it seems like a nice place for support.

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