Just a quick background. Come from a broken family. Was on medication for depression and anxiety for around a year and now it's been more than 2 years that i have been off them.
So anyway, my sister who is not very nice with me says that I am a difficult person to live with but I've never taken it seriously because I have been told by her to die and she has been physically violent with me too so I don't think about it much however recently I've noticed that I don't like to make changes where I have a choice. I don't like people in my room going through my stuff or trying to clean around stuff like that. So one of my cats has a medical condition and I'm extra careful with her food and water etc. Her food bag wasaccidentally cut opened by a family member. I was crazy annoyed because I couldn't find a way to close it air tight. Her food gets weird if it's air tight so anyway I was angry and threw some tupperware and then cried.
Soo the question is am I becoming a person like those characters in movies that are psychotic and don't like anybody touching or moving their things and live far away from any human being? ( also I must mention that I was very hungry when all this happened)  once I found a solution, surprisingly I was suddenly calm