What's your favorite type of music???

  • I personally like Grunge and, sometimes, industrial metal

  • I like electronic and techno music. Here are some examples:



    I also like Grunge, I actually found out about it from an NHL game I used to play on my PS2. Good times. 😄

    What are your favorite bands?

  • I remember I used to listen to techno when I was a teenager, heh, but it's changed drastically. It brings me a lot of memories. Now, I listen to Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and, sometimes, Pearl Jam.

    By the way, I used to listen to Black Metal a lot, but not anymore. It was making me depressed

    This is what I currently listen to


  • That was a pretty good song, can you share your favorites? 🙂

  • Yeah, sure...well, I won't post them all, 'cuz they're too many songs, lol. Maybe a few 😛