Hey all,
I enjoy Terraria. It's a 2D platform game. You can mine minerals, build houses and fight mosters. Anyone else who plays it?

I bought Terraria during the steam summer sale but haven't gotten around to playing it. It's similar to Minecraft and I've played that game for quite a while. Have you played Minecraft?

I haven't played minecraft but I've been told that it's similar, yes. I did try one session but I'm not so good with using the controlls in 3D games. I feel handicapped :p. Maybe someday I'll learn. Do you like minecraft better than terraria?

Yeah, with Minecraft you can create any building out of your imagination. The game is both artistic as well as adventurous. I think Terraria is more adventurous than artistic. Also, exploring the world in Minecraft is more fun than Terraria because of the 3D aspect. Here's some examples of Minecraft's artistic side: http://mashable.com/2013/02/13/amazing-minecraft-creations/

Beautiful, indeed more possibilities than Terraria :).

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