I experience something other than sadness, anger, anxiety, happiness, boredom, stress, regret, or drive when I'm:

  • feeling lonely (missing social contact in general)
  • missing a lover (either when I have none or when he's not arround)
  • feeling clammed up (when I feel 'hard' / emotionless /distant towards people, as if there is a wall between me and them.)
  • feeling conflicted about something (this could result in feelings of dispair of frustration but is not synonymous with it)
  • hurt by someone I trust (this could cause sadness and anger but there is some other component that plays a part here. Maybe betrayal?)

I think feeling 'happy' could be specified much more since there are many different positive feelings. For example:

  • feeling proud of something I accomplished
  • feeling at peace and trusting
  • being in love (which can be both good and painful..)
  • receiving a compliment or feeling appreciated